zebra finches

Brisk Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata) Size 20 cm x 15 cm Oil on canvas board SOLD Inspired by birdwatching near Orange where Zebra Finches gathered in a noisy crowd among trees bordering a railway line. Gregarious birds, they form a lifelong bond between pairs. On this particular day, each bird had its plumage puffed out to ward off the midwinter chill. I kept the brushstrokes loose and background hazy to imply the light breeze rustling the branches. This painting hung in my exhibition “Feather and Ochre”Read more

flock bronzewing

Desert Flight Flock Bronzewing (Phaps histrionica) Size 51 cm x 20 cm Acrylic on canvas SOLD Outback Australia is the definition of vast. And the Mitchell Grasslands are an amazing part of this impressive landscape. Characterised by open grassy plains with few rivers and gorges, the Mitchell Grass Downs bioregion extends from central Queensland into the Northern Territory and is an important part of Australia’s pastoral heritage. It takes a long time to drive there from the coast but it’s worth the effort.Read more


Harmony in Green Red-backed Fairy-wrens (Malurus melanocephalus) Size 91.4 cm x 91.4 cm (36 in x 36 in) Acrylic on canvas SOLD Inspired after birdwatching in far north tropical Queensland, where verdant hills and rainforest canopy enfold lush grazing pastures, cane fields and banana plantations. A family group of Red-backed Fairy-wrens had taken up residence in the long grass near Camp Creek, sheltered from heavy monsoon rain by the sprawling passionfruit vines and shady trees. I have always sketched trees – each speciesRead more

work in progress: amulet

One of my favourite mediums is pen & ink. For several days, I have immersed my art table in found objects as part of the creative process to develop an amulet design for the cover of a fantasy novel. I use found objects as references for form and colour, and the way light caresses the surface. Handling the real object means I can portray it more convincingly in my illustration. For the accompanying knife sketch, I borrowed a leather-handled US Army knife to see howRead more