Reading Tolstoy

Size 11 cm x 6 cm Acrylic on Arches paper SOLD Exquisitely framed prints available $290 This portrait was inspired by observing the subject sitting quietly under a lamp one winter’s evening, reading. The scene brought to mind the serenity and timelessness of a bygone era where literature and the appreciation of art, fine words and philosophy were lauded pastimes. This little portrait deserved a suitably evocative title which can be interpreted as referring to either the book or the sitter himself. Reading Tolstoy received a HighlyRead more


Size 35.5 cm x 45.5 cm (14 in x 18 in) Acrylic on canvas Private commission – SOLD Whenever clients seek a portrait of their pet, I consider it a privilege to portray their much loved companion. I usually ask for several photos – high resolution is best – and where possible, I will meet the subject. I ask about character and other idiosyncrasies such as favourite toys or special places. This gives me a true sense of the animal asRead more

work in progress: miniatures

Working on two miniatures for this year’s Sydney Royal. I’m using Hahnemuhle paper – postcard size, since this keeps me under the 100cm-square worked area limit. Although the palette is the same for both paintings, I have emphasised stronger, cooler colours for the boy with a heavy background to draw attention to his hands and expression of concentration. Looser brushstrokes and lighter hues evoke the enthusiasm of a little girl’s impromptu fashion parade.Read more