sales & commissions

sales of original art

Art can resonate. Symbolise a deeply personal moment or experience. Evoke certain memories. Impact in a profound way. When this happens, the art is speaking to you.

copyright megan spiers
the artist at the inaugural australasian bird fair, sydney

Paintings may be a luxury but the decision to purchase an original work of art is a positive experience. Overwhelmingly, my clients express great satisfaction with their chosen paintings.

Payment methods are the usual variety (cash, direct deposit, credit/debit card) and can be made in instalments if preferred.

All art remains in the artist’s care until payment is made in full.

To buy original art, contact Megan Spiers –

private commissions

There is nothing quite like the feeling of living with art created just for you. My clients are immensely proud of their commissioned paintings.

copyright megan spiers
the artist working on private commission of ubirr, kakadu national park,

Commissioning a personal work of art is really straightforward. You may already know what you want:

  • the place where it will hang
  • the subject, main colours or theme
  • amount you’d be comfortable spending

If cost is a concern, paintings with minimal background can be more affordable than complex paintings.

My art is very high quality. Birds and other subjects are always exquisite, with or without a landscape.

Pet portraits have minimal background to maintain focus on the subject. Good references are important. I may ask to meet your pet.

Paintings are completed within four to six weeks then framed and delivered by an agreed date. If the process will take longer due to professional commitments, I will let you know in advance.

If commissioning an original work of art is perfect for you, email Megan Spiers –


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