finding beauty in the detail.

Welcome to the portfolio and life of Australian artist, researcher and teacher, Megan Spiers.

Megan Spiers painting en plein air on September Beach, South Australia

September Beach, South Australia.

I focus on the accurate depiction of subjects in their natural setting, from birds and trees to beautiful machinery at sea. The tools I use are brushes and paint, and a focused vision inspired by travel and research that captures the essence and the story.

Recent Works

I am painting new works for my next exhibition. If you have a private commission or want to say hi, please get in touch.

Marine Art

The beauty and majesty of ships at sea and their specialist capabilities are portrayed on canvas in acrylic and oil.

Birds and Nature

From tiny and sublime finches to owls and wedge-tailed eagles, birds of all feathers appear in wild landscapes.

People and Other Subjects

Portraits of people and pets, and other scenes inspired from travels, like the Moroccan spice merchant and camels roaming the sands of Kuwait.

Megan Spiers travels extensively for references

30+ years
of experience

Dr Megan Spiers is a realism artist of exceptional skill, portraying diverse subjects with empathy and respect informed by observations from life. She lives in Canberra, Australia and enjoys walking in nature with her husband and two tiny dogs.

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