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I have a strong focus on bird paintings yet I am inspired by any place or subject really. From Venice to Morocco, Kuwait or Rome, I carry my sketchbooks everywhere. This collection of paintings represents the diverse subjects that have engaged my curiosity and emerged in my arts practice. Works as diverse as pet portraits, drawings from the field, and highly considered paintings for exhibition and private commission.

Art inspired by life

reading tolstoy

Reading Tolstoy Size 11 cm x 6 cm Acrylic on Arches paper SOLD Exquisitely framed prints available On a cool winter’s eve, the subject of this portrait sat quietly under a lamp, reading. The scene represents…


Elwood Size 35.5 cm x 45.5 cm (14 in x 18 in) Acrylic on canvas SOLD By all accounts, Elwood was a lovely dog. This painting was commissioned by clients who provided photographs of their…

techno toddler, fashionista

My art table today, where I’m working on two miniatures for this year’s Sydney Royal. They are acrylic on Hahnemuhle paper, postcard size to stay under the 100cm-square worked area limit. I’m using the same…

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This is me! The artist’s process is a mixture of inspiration, curiosity, deliberate practise and refined hard work. I have always traveled widely to collect visual references to inspire new work. My travels can be as varied as birdwatching in the scorching summer on the Murray River, South Australia, or staying in a centuries-old chateau in France’s Beaujolais region to sketch lush vines, or drawing camels grazing in the Kuwait desert. Whenever I’m not “on the road” for references and experiences, I’m in the studio working on paintings for my next exhibition or private commission! Read more

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