sketching on the move

super quick sketch in pen from TGV, France
super quick sketch

Drawings made in the TGV while rushing past the yellow canola fields of France, from Paris to St Malo.

I like to use Moleskine notebooks to record thoughts, impressions and quick sketches when traveling. Often these super quick sketches are just biro drawings on whatever writing surface is within reach, like a paper napkin. If I have the luxury of sitting still for an hour or so, I make a draft in pencil then finish the image using pen & ink with watercolour. Or I skip the draft and go straight to pen & ink, a medium I love.

Finished sketches are ideal on postcard-size watercolour paper as a visual reminder of scenes that remain imprinted in memory, such as the grand medina gates of Fez, historical architecture in Venice or towering mosques and palm trees in Marrakech. … Or a bend in the river with an island of trees.

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