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copyright megan spiers
the artist working on private commission of ubirr, kakadu national park

Art, like any creative pursuit, requires improvisation.

When I have private commissions to fulfil and I’m traveling away from my studio, I paint on any surface that can hold a palette to ensure the painting is finished on time.

Usually I work on a random dining table (see photo above) if I’m staying with friends or family, with the natural flotsam of a busy home surrounding me. But I’ve made drawings and paintings using the flat surface of camping tables, rocks, car bonnets, my knee… Any surface will suffice, really.

Often I work with complete focus. Even to the roaring noise of a tile conveyor belt, which is currently hoisting tiles to re-roof the house where I’m staying. After the tiles are loaded, there’s a lot of shouting then the hammering starts…

I prefer working to music but this will do.

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