eastern yellow robin


Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

Size 12 cm x 14 cm

Mixed media on Arches paper


This painting formed part of a triptych of Australian robins, including Eastern Yellow Robin, Red-capped Robin and Pink Robin. It was originally partnered with the red-capped robin as a diptych but when clients purchased the framed pair at exhibition, they immediately commissioned a third robin to balance the display when hung.

Accurate representation of the ‘jizz’ or general appearance and behaviour of birds is best informed by birdwatching. While camping in the Watagans National Park, New South Wales, I had the pleasure of observing an Eastern Yellow Robin foraging. It was a wonderfully busy little bird, perching sideways on tree trunks and hopping about on fallen branches to seek its breakfast while the morning mists were still rising.

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