Size 35.5 cm x 45.5 cm (14 in x 18 in)

Acrylic on canvas


By all accounts, Elwood was a lovely dog.

This painting was commissioned by clients who provided photographs of their beloved pet. Combining several references, I painted Elwood with his favourite toy in a characteristic pose of playful alertness. Toys, pose and place are key elements of portraying a dog as an individual, honouring them as much loved family members.

Although Elwood sadly passed away while the painting was being completed, the clients affirmed that I had created an extraordinary likeness of their beautiful friend. Later, they commissioned a portrait of their other dog Jake, as a companion piece for the portrait of Elwood.

I consider it a privilege to portray pets. I usually ask for several high-res photos (a range of poses is best) and where possible, I will meet the subject so that I can see their personality in action.

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