life, love & demise sold at birdlife exhibition

copyright megan spiers
“Life, Love & Demise” Hooded Plovers by Megan Spiers – on the art table

Feeling happy that another painting has found a forever home!

My painting of Hooded Plovers has sold at BirdLife Australia’s “Birds + Us” exhibition. This painting was inspired by the courageous determination of beach-nesting birds and the fragility of their survival.

I have donated the entire sale price to the Threatened Bird Network (TBN). I’m thrilled that the sale of this painting will help to raise awareness about the plight of Australia’s birds. As indicators of our planet’s health, birds are so important!

The “Birds + Us” exhibition celebrated 20 years of TBN, showcasing its focus on threatened birds with a wide range of brilliant paintings, sculpture and artist talks from 15 April – 1 May, Claire Layman Gallery, Melbourne.

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