life, love & demise sold at birdlife exhibition

Feeling happy that another painting has found a forever home! My painting of Hooded Plovers has sold at BirdLife Australia’s “Birds + Us” exhibition. And I’m thrilled that the sale will help raise awareness about the plight of Australia’s birds. As indicators of our planet’s health, birds are so important! I have donated the sale price to the Threatened Bird Network (TBN). The exhibition celebrated 20 years of TBN, showcasing its focus on threatened birds with a wide range of brilliantRead more

work in progress: miniatures

Working on two miniatures for this year’s Sydney Royal. I’m using Hahnemuhle paper – postcard size, since this keeps me under the 100cm-square worked area limit. Although the palette is the same for both paintings, I have emphasised stronger, cooler colours for the boy with a heavy background to draw attention to his hands and expression of concentration. Looser brushstrokes and lighter hues evoke the enthusiasm of a little girl’s impromptu fashion parade.Read more

thank you birdlife members

  Thank you to all the Birdlife Australia members who said hello and mentioned my ad in the Birdlife magazine! The inaugural Australasian Bird Fair 2014 proved to be both an interesting and challenging experience. Interesting due to all the fabulous people who visited the Art Marquee and exchanged stories of birdwatching experiences, and our fellow artists who were welcoming, hard working and inspiring. Challenging due to the extremely hot weather which meant guests were in danger of wilting before our eyes! SupportRead more

australasian bird fair

I will be taking part in the inaugural Australasian Bird Fair 2014 in Sydney. Original paintings and prints will be available in the art marquee on 25 – 26 October. An opportunity to celebrate birds, encourage interest in birdwatching and conservation, and promote the preservation of bird habitats.Read more

birdwatching in London

I revisited old haunts in London recently, and found inspiration in springtime. If you stand and listen, the city is alive with bird calls. And not just pigeons! The landscaping of each beautiful park ensures that the natural sounds which might usually accompany fields full of daffodils haven’t been lost to commuters and tourists. It’s reassuring to know some birds are thriving here. On my way through London, I took time to visit the Mall Galleries and stand in awe of the remarkable talentRead more